What matters to me, health is determined by social economic and environmental factors, our link workers provide support for you to be able to access volunteering cooking, education, gardening, befriending, healthy eating advice, education and employment opportunities.   

     Strategic Planning


 The life matters is a charity supporting vulnerable children and adults in the Swale, Dartford, Sittingbourne, Gravesend and Medway areas. The trustees currently work in areas such as social services and have a fast amount of experience working to support service users with their mental health difficulties, assessing benefits, homelessness support, disabilities, Elderly, health needs, young carers assessments, Substance abuse and much more. The charity will take pressure off the NHS hospitals and GP Surgeries whilst supporting families to be resilient, under pendant and have a positive future. The life matters Strive to keep costs down but the service of the quality will be high so that the service users get the best support whilst working with us. The trustees, staff and volunteers, are from all walks of life and each has different qualities to enhance the service.



 We offer one to one support for young carers, sign posting for mental health services, support with EHCPS, NEET, substance abuse, sexual health, relationships, domestic abuse, After domestic violence, substance abuse, child sexual exploitation, and any other service that can support the young person who will be aged between eight and 18. We offer support to access needs to vulnerable and support benefits, universal credit, Housing, mental health, disabilities, employment, training domestic violence, domestic abuse, Debts, access to resource for non-British citizens, alcohol and substance abuse.



 We Will receive referrals from schools, GP surgeries, hospitals, social services, self-referrals, other agency referrals. Once the referral is received, we will contact the service user and arrange a home visit or school visit to carry out an assessment to office support needs. This could be one-to-one support for mental health resilience, six weekly sessions for adults or children. Family Assessments will be carried out with consent in the family home. We will support with

Housing options
Financial support
Form filling
Home safety
Aids adaptions
Tele care
Social activities
Domestic support
Support with respite
Domiciliary care
Young carers assessments


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