The Life Matters supports children and young adults

between the ages of 8-18 years old

About Us

The Life Matters Charity was set up to help children and young adults who find themselves struggling to cope with everyday life, self-harming or even suicide.
We found that there is a vital need for more services to provide targeted care and support to schools and other organisations who have vulnerable children in their care who need special attention 
We provide a service that helps children and young adults to overcome barriers and to support them towards a brighter future

If we could all understand that the brain is the most important organ of our body. 
Just because you cant see mental illness like you see broken bones does not mean that is is not detrimental or devastating to families and individuals


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To transform the lives of children, young adults and families by delivering an excellent service which is evidence based in promoting Emotional Wellbeing - Mental Health.

This is at the heart of our goal.


We work closely with children to assess which areas the support is needed, whilst understanding that every child is different and that is something we value.

We aim to improve the lives of every child that we support by meeting their mental and emotional needs.