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School Support 

Mental Health in schools to support teachers with education around identifying early signs of trauma. Continue to promote worry boxes in Infant and Junior schools which gives child a voice and identifies needs. Work in schools to listen to the child and support 1-1 sessions to help promote resilience. Promote mental health in schools for children with disabilities ​by offering services and 1-1 sessions for Young Carers. 

Social Prescribing 

Social prescribing is a service provided by your local GP surgery and is a way in which you can be helped to link with a range of local, non-medical activities, opportunities and support that can improve your health and help you to ‘live life to the full’.

These activities, opportunities and support are typically provided by locally based, voluntary and community sector organisations.

Whether you need help at home, want to discover more about local activities or find out about benefits and support services that exist they can help you. The aim of the social prescriber is to support you to live as independently as possible. 

Housing and homelessness

Identify and support to prevent homelessness working with agencies. 



Founder and Chief Executive Officer 


Whilst facing very difficult challenges in my own personal life, it has given me the strength, resilience, empathy and determination that has driven me to being successful in helping so many others over the years. 

I have an abundance of experience and expertise  achieved by working with, Kent Police. Social services, NHS, Charities, Kent schools, Medway schools etc.

I believe that every life matters and my passion is to promote better outcomes for all ages.


Our aim is to help people to thrive.  

Life Credentials 

  • 32 years of business management

  • Experience of running my own successful business 

  • Many years of experience in working with mental health

  • Studied to degree level after having left school at only age 13

  • Spiritual councillor guide and coach

  • Compliance and welfare officer for ForceandleisureLtd

  • Continuous self development and ongoing studies in psychology



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Office : 01634 714088