Frequently Asked Questions


If you have questions please email or phone us, we look forward to hearing from you.  this can be found on the contact us page. 

 01  Can you help me if I have a social worker 

Yes we can - We help and support many children who have a Social Worker




 02  Do I need to pay for the services

There isn't any costs to you the charity raise funds so that we can support you 




 03  How can you help my child who is self harming and has ideation of suicide  

We will work with your family, carry out assessments and support with robust safety planning, we listern to the voice of the child and do 1-1 intervention work building resilience 




 04How can you help my child who is self harming


We are not magic but the mental health teams and referrals are taking forever, we support children with techniques and life skills that could help them stop self harming. We have a 70% success rate. 



 05  Can you help my child who is a school refuser 

​Yes, we will work closely with schools by understanding the child's needs and wishes to support them to get an ieducation 

06 My child is self harming because of us suffering domestic violence, can you help us 

We can support from a family approach to help you and your child reach your full potential