Case Studies

When an 8 year old tells you it is time to die its time to think and make changes

An 8-year-old boy would try to hang himself and in his own words told us that "I do not want to be here anymore". He would also refuse to go to school. By helping him to build positive relationships over a 10-week, ( one to one programme ) we were able to encourage him to rebuild his confidence and he said that this had helped him to feel safe and happier. He was also able to make friends with those around him which increased his social skills which also had helped him to feel safe, cared for and secure.


At The Life Matters the child is always at the heart of our work and family ur hearts, we listened to wishes, feelings, and worries, and all of this contributes towards building self-esteem and confidence. This boy did go back to school and settled in well with his mother advising us that he had been happy and had made no more suicide attempts.


We help children & young adults look forward to a brighter future

A 15-year-old girl was self-harming with blades. She said that she did not feel of any value in this world any more and she started to feel like this after her father had passed away when she was just 11. She missed him terribly and said, "I just want to be with my dad" , She was also a school refuser and losing out on opportunity. Through building a trusting positive relationship, we were able to support her by listening to her voice her problems, and by working with her (through one to one sessions) we were able to help her to build her confidence. She did very well on the programme, and although it was very challenging for her at the end of the programme she no longer self-harmed. She had learnt techniques to be able to manage her emotions more positively. She also went back into school and did very well. She has since told us that she is very proud of her accomplishments and that she has decided to now train to be a Mental Health Nurse.

She now wants to train to be a Mental Health Nurse