Founder and Chief Executive Officer 

Mental Health Project Coordinator 


Whilst facing very difficult challenges in my own personal life, it has given me the strength, resilience, empathy and determination to support so many families which have successful in reaching their full potential. 

I have an abundance of experience and expertise which has been achieved by working with, Kent Police. Social services, NHS, Charities, Kent schools, Medway schools etc.

I believe that every life matters and my passion is to promote better outcomes for all ages.


Our value is that Every Life Matters

Life Credentials 

  • 32 years of business management

  • Experience of running my own successful business 

  • Many years of experience in working with mental health

  • Studied to degree level after having left school age 13

  • Spiritual counsellor guide and coach

  • Continuous self development and ongoing studies in psychology

Toni Brady

Project Coordinator Children and Families 

Charity Secretary​​

  • Toni has a wealth of knowledge and experience helping people to access health and care needs/ care needs from within the home - to carry out full assessments for discharge from the NHS hospitals.

  • Toni has a vast amount of knowledge in supporting vulnerable adults to live independently within their own homes.

  • Toni's specialism in housing has prevented many evictions, helping families seek the correct financial support and stopped street homelessness.  

  • Accessing benefits and housing benefits

  • Business, operation & admin skills